texas standard possession order de-mystified – summer possession

Another misunderstood part of the Texas Standard Possession Order is the summer possession schedule.

If the parent with visitation (not the custodial parent) gives the parent with custody notice by April 1st of a given year they can pick thirty days for their summer possession (or 42 days if they live over 100 miles from the child). This thirty day period cannot begin until the day after school lets out for summer break and cannot end later than 7 days before the child goes back to school.
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texas standard possession order de-mystified – thursday possession

While the weekend possessions of a Texas Standard Possession Order are the backbone of visitation in Texas and widely understood, Thursday periods of possession are many times completely misunderstood.

Probably the most misunderstood part of the Thursday possession is when it occurs. While the weekend possessions follow essentially an every other weekend schedule, Thursday visitations under the Texas Standard Possession Order occur every week during the school term. This means that they DO NOT occur during the summer. If the child concerned is not in school, then it follows the school term for district in which the child would be enrolled if in school. For instance if the child is in daycare in Plano and lives in Plano, then the Plano Independent School District calendar would control. Continue reading