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Complex Property Division and Divorce Mediation

Collaborative law is an innovative form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which there is no threat of litigation. At the Texas Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke, PC, we have been formally trained in collaborative law methods and believe in the process for family law disputes, such as complex property division or child custody. If you would like to resolve your divorce or other family law issue confidentially, outside of the courtroom, this may be an appropriate option for you. Learn more by contacting our divorce mediation lawyer for a free initial consultation.

The Advantage of Collaborative Family Law

  • There is almost no likelihood of divorce litigation because each party and their attorneys have agreed to resolve the divorce or other family law issue through collaborative law; if litigation is necessary the attorneys must withdraw, and new attorneys must be brought in.
  • It is a process of open communication and a series of informal collaboration meetings with both parties and their lawyers.
  • Discussions are enhanced through the use of child specialists, financial planners, and other experts; often more creative resolutions can be reached. This can be especially beneficial in resolving complex property division or child custody and visitation matters.
  • Unlike traditional mediation or divorce negotiations, collaborative law allows for discussions to be interrupted and resumed later if difficulties or tension arise.

What if an agreement is not reached?

If collaborative family law methods are ineffective and a resolution is not reached, the parties may proceed to litigation where the decisions will be made by a judge or jury. However, the same attorneys may not represent the parties at trial. Therefore, under collaborative family law process, the divorcing parties have the professional legal advice and guidance of their attorney during negotiations as well as the confidence and peace of mind that expenses are not being inflated by an attorney with hidden interests.

Contact our Texas Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Collaborative law requires a commitment to settling matters without resorting to litigation. Our collaborative lawyer is trained in collaborative law and will advise you through the process. If you feel collaborative law may work for you, contact our Texas divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke, PC today to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve clients in the communities surrounding Dallas, Frisco, and Carrollton.

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