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Standard possession order for June 2012

June is here, and so is the summer.  By the time your read this, most all kids should be out of school.  Some important notes to remember in a standard possession order in Texas is that the weekend visitations continue throughout the summer and weeknight possessions do not.  I get this question all the time and for some reason people cannot figure this out.  This is how you tell in your order:

  • The Thursday possessions (or Wednesdays in older orders) say “during the school term”, such and such parent shall have Thursdays (or Wednesdays).  This means when school is in session.  If your child is too young for school, then it goes by the calendar of the school district they would be in to determine when school is in session.
  • If you will review the weekend provisions, however, you will see there is no such language.  That is because weekend possessions continue all year long.

The continued weekend possessions are trumped by summer visitation.  If you will review my previous post you will see how a clever parent can designate summer weekends that aren’t theirs for there extended summer possession and still get the weekends that are.  If someone reads my post and uses this against you, I am sorry :( .

For a review of other summer issues please review my post on summer visitation in Texas.

If you are a parent exercising standard visitation in Texas, and you have not otherwise designated some time in June for your extended summer possession, you will have the following weekends:

  • June 1st (first Friday)
  • June 15 (it is fatherless day weekend AND third Friday of the month) and
  • June 29 (this is a fifth Friday of the month)

Remember that when there is a fifth Friday of the month, the visiting parent will get that weekend and the very next weekend because it will be the first Friday of the month (in this year, July the 6th, unless this is inside your extended summer possession in which case you get the child anyway).

No Thursdays (or Wednesdays in older orders) this month.

Have a good beginning to the summer!


April and the standard possession order

Okay, after a long hiatus I am back.  Next month is April…what do we have on tap for standard visitation?  Click on the link for a review of last years April visitation.  I think I was smarter back then anyway as now I am out of the groove.

March is finishing with a 5th weekend (measured by Friday) of the month so the noncustodial parent (the one without custody :)) will have had the last weekend in March (30th) and the first weekend in April (6th).  The other weekend visit will be the 20th of April.  Of course you know when your visits start and end, correct?

For Thursdays (or Wednesdays in older orders).  You should have every one this month.

If your children are out for the Easter weekend, then the provisions dealing with a long weekend will be in effect.  This means that if your child is out on Good Friday, then the visit which normally would have started on Friday, will now begin at the same time on Thursday.  If they are out Monday, your visit will extend to Monday evening from Sunday evening (assuming your visits end at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday) or return to school on Tuesday if your visits end when school resumes on Monday.

Other than this, I do not see anything that jumps out at me for an April standard visitation order in Texas.  As I always say, READ YOUR ORDER.  Nothing I post here has any relevance if your order is different from the standard possession order.  When in doubt, contact a local attorney to understand your rights and duties.

Shacking up with significant others

As a practicing family law attorney one issue which is constantly raised is whether it is okay for the child to be around a significant other.  This can from the person with the new “friend” or the other side.  In any case, my answer is that typically the Judge’s frown on allowing the child to know and/or be involved with boyfriends and girlfriends, at least that is the case in Dallas and Collin county.  I would suspect it would be the same where you live.

I found an interesting article in the Florida Divorce Law Blog that discusses this very issue (or similar issue).  They were citing an article from the Institute of American Values.  I am not sure how reliable this information is, but it brings up the interesting topic of cohabitation.  Read the article and report and form your own opinion on the subject.

Even if you do not believe the article or the source, I would have to tend to agree with the underlying theory that children would suffer from these potential short term relationships.  This includes boyfriends and girlfriends in a divorce.  Be smart about your choices of who you expose your children to.