Adoption and Terminations in Texas

Adoption in Texas

I am committed to helping parents across Collin County and Dallas, Texas, build new families through adoption. I recognize that many people who remarry want their new spouse to adopt their children from a previous marriage. I am dedicated to helping people with understanding the laws in Texas for stepparents as well as grandparent and inter-family adoptions. Contact me with your questions on stepparent adoption if you live in Dallas, Plano, Denton or surrounding areas.

I assist families with the following adoption processes:

  • Stepparent;
  • Grandparent;
  • Inter-family; and
  • Private

Texas Adoption Laws

The first step in adoptions is terminating the parental rights of the biological father or mother. A stepparent adoption requires one termination. A grandparent adoption requires termination of both biological parents. This process requires the voluntary signing over of parental rights or, if necessary, court intervention to terminate a parent’s rights. When a parent cannot be located, notification through the newspaper may be possible. The termination of parental rights, unless agreed, can be a contentious issue since upon completion it is complete, final, and irrevocable.

I have handled many parental terminations related to stepparent adoption in Dallas, Plano and surrounding cities. In addition, I have handled a number of terminations of parental rights cases unassociated with adoption. A petition for the termination of parental rights can begin before a child is born, but it is unlikely to be granted until a child is at least five days old.

In addition to stepparent adoption issues, I handle:

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If you are considering terminating the parental rights of your child’s biological parent for a stepparent adoption, or if you are seeking a grandparent adoption then please contact me for a consultation.

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