Basics of Texas Divorce Law

Wanted to give a shout out to my friend and colleague Michelle May O’Neill and her new book Basics of Texas Divorce Law.  You can find a copy on or you can visit her website The May Firm.

My blog was created to help the average person figure out Family Law in Texas and provide the best resources possible to help you find your answers.  This is one of those resources.

A peek behind the cover at the table of contents:

  1. Am I ready for Divorce?
  2. Attorney or no Attorney?
  3. The Divorce Proceeding.
  4. The Divorce Itself.
  5. The Division of Property.
  6. Alimony/Maintenance.
  7. Issues Related to Children.

I think this book is a great idea and I wish I had come up with it myself 🙂  If you are contemplating divorce, this would be a great first step.

But wait, that’s not all….Michelle also has an excellent iPhone app (did I already say that I wish I had come up with this?) that helps you prepare for divorce and estimate costs.  You can read about it and purchase it here or on

You can follow Michelle’s Blog at

Thanks for reading.


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