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Few issues in a divorce proceeding and modification lawsuit are as emotionally involved as child custody fights. I strive to resolve these child custody issues and achieve a solution that is in the best interests of the child with the help of my client.  Through my knowledge of the many styles of child custody, and my familiarity with family court tendencies, I offer effective representation to clients facing difficult decisions. Contact me for a consultation if you are in the Dallas or Plano area.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Contrary to common belief, the Texas Family Code does not address the custody terms as many Texas parents know the term. In fact, it is called “conservatorship” and what is commonly referred to as custody is only a small part of conservatorship. The following are different forms of conservatorship.

Joint Custody

  • Joint Managing Conservatorship: Both parents share in the major decision making regarding upbringing (such as religion, schooling, and other decisions) with one parent being designated as the:
  • Primary Joint Managing Conservator: Although both parents may be named a joint managing conservator, this individual has the sole decision making powers over where the child lives (physical custody). This parent typically receives child support and the other parent has visitation.

Sole Custody

  • Sole Managing Conservatorship: One parent is appointed to make all major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, including residence. This is usually only appointed when joint custody is not in the best interests of the child due to abuse or neglect.
  • Possessory Conservatorship: This refers to the non-custodial parent and gives rights to visitation. This parent usually pays child support.

Other Custody Issues

Another area where custody could be at issue is with grandparent’s rights. I work with clients, parents, relatives, and grandparents on the rights afforded them by Texas law and seek to find a resolution through standard means or as creatively as possible given the current status of grandparent rights.

I handle initial child custody and support matters as well as modifications of custody and modifications of support.

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