Child Support

Child support is the amount of money that the court orders a non-custodial parent, or the parent with whom the child does not live, to pay the other parent every month for the support, education, and care of their children. I assist parents with requests to set up or establish support, and in both raising and lowering the amount of support due through modifications. Contact me for a consultation on any child support matters of you live in Dallas, Plano or surrounding areas, or Denton.

Establishing Child Support

The non-custodial parent is usually responsible for contributing a certain portion of his or her income to help support the child until the child turns 18. This amount is based on the Texas Family Code, Chapter 154, and the child support guidelines set out by the Office of the Attorney General. These guidelines are often applied in an adjusted manner in the case of shared custody arrangements. In unusual circumstances, the courts have discretion to deviate from the state child support guidelines when appropriate. Some of the factors courts may consider include:

  • Educational needs of the children
  • Other children supported by the non-custodial parent
  • Extraordinary expenses incurred by the non-custodial parent in exercising visitation rights
  • Any other special circumstances

Enforcement and Contempt

If either party violates a court order, the other party may compel the violating party to appear and answer to the court concerning violation of the order. The individual violating the order could face incarceration (jail time), orders to correct the violation, and orders to pay the legal fees and costs of the contempt action.

At a hearing on enforcing child support I seek to prove:

  • That a child support order exists
  • That the party had knowledge of the order
  • That the party had the ability to comply with the order
  • That the party willfully disobeyed the court order

Contact me

If you have child support questions or need representation, contact me for a consultation if you live in the Dallas, Plano and Denton area. I have the experience and knowledge to provide you with first-rate legal representation.

Please view my child support modifications page for more information on child support modifications.

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