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I posted an article on this blog some time ago about separating in Texas and online considerations.  There is a new article on CNN.com that revisits this issue entitled Divorce attorneys catching cheaters on Facebook.  We all know people who are separated and getting a divorce, or someone in the midst of a custody battle and who have social networking profiles.  As a divorce attorney there is a wealth of information from these sources.  I have case after case with client’s sending me Facebook pages depicting their spouse in a negative light.

In addition to an endless source of information, sites like Facebook have opened the door to those old flames from high school or college and provide the catalyst needed to cheat.

The common response to protecting yourself from the ex-spouse is to “unfriend” them.  I am no Facebook expert, but simply unfriending them is not enough.  Facebook allows friends and friends of friends to link up in an endless chain of contacts.  Have you ever looked at the “suggested friends” list on the side panel?  Ever wondered how on earth they find the people listed?  I do.  It is unbelievable how powerful these systems are.

The point is, linking with one of the friends or the friend of a friend of an ex may be enough to land you in a nasty divorce or other lawsuit.  Don’t try to trick the system, keep your private information private.

I am not condoning cheating, or any other type of behavior, but I am saying that you need to be aware of your privacy in an increasingly electronic world.  People are watching you whether you think they are or not.  As discussed in the CNN article, websites such as flowtown.com are being used to monitor your every action.  If that doesn’t work, there is a new private investigator out there.  The electronic PI.

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