The decision to divorce can be very emotional. I recognize that opening up to a stranger about the specific issues involved in your situation can be even more difficult. I strive to provide a relaxed, friendly environment and try to be upfront and honest with you throughout the entire process. Contact me for a consultation to discuss your situation.  If you would like to view my calendar, it can be found at www.tungle.me/chrislawyer.

Texas Divorce Representation

I have been licensed since 1993 and through my numerous years of practice of divorce law, I have found that resolving disputes through amicable means usually serves the best interest of the parties involved. The process is easier on the children and usually results in a better post divorce relationship, which is especially important when you have children.

When a cordial resolution is desired, clients benefit from my skill with negotiation and mediation. I strive to resolve disputes with as little strain as possible and as quickly as possible. However, when a workable solution is not possible, I am always prepared to proceed into divorce litigation, in fact a good bulk of my time is spent in the courtroom.

I handle a full range of family law issues that arise from divorce:

  • Property division: I handle complex marital property division, which includes division of marital assets and debts. In addition, when devising divorce settlement agreements, I revisit prenuptial agreements if one exists.
  • Spousal support/alimony: I help couples or spouses present compelling evidence to support the need for or contest the need for spousal support. Temporary orders for support may be established while one parent reenters into the working world and can continue in the form of alimony after the divorce if you qualify.
  • Child custody and visitation: I help couples negotiate child custody and visitation arrangements which serve the best interests of the children. In addition, I can also revisit court orders or agreements and facilitate modifications of child custody and vistation orders.
  • Child support: I assist clients in establishing child support which appropriately reflects the child custody arrangement. Additionally, I can handle paternity actions when necessary to establish the parent child relationship and child support and child support modifications when future changes arise.
  • Abuse: Frequently with divorce petitions, many feelings of animosity arise. With these emotions, accusations may come out regarding spousal abuse or child abuse. I handle temporary orders of protection and other domestic violence matters if necessary.

Representing yourself in your Divorce

In addition to the services provided above, I also offer advice, guidance and divorce forms or paperwork to assist clients in handling their own divorce or a ‘Do it Yourself Divorce’.  Many cases do not involve any disputed child related or property issues and it does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a divorce that you can do yourself.  That is where my divorce forms package comes in.  The client simply purchases the documents they need, fill out some online forms and the necessary divorce documents are created.  What makes my service different than the other online divorce form companies is that I actually review and edit the documents before sending them to you.  Additionally, I give you all the materials and instructions you need to complete the divorce yourself.  All this for a very reasonable fee.

Post Divorce Decree Help

In addition to child custody and support modifications, I offer experienced guidance in other post decree matters such as child support enforcement and contempt and stepparent adoptions.

Areas of Practice

I practice primarily in the following counties and cities; Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties including the cities of Plano, Frisco, Denton, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Carrollton (sorry, have to please the search engines) and any other cities in the listed counties.

Contact Me

Contact me for an initial consultation. Our office serves clientele throughout the communities of Addison, Plano, Dallas, Frisco, and Carrollton with offices located in Dallas, Addison* and Plano*.

*By appointment only

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