january and the standard visitation order in Texas

Happy New Year everyone.  January is upon us and the kids should all be back in school now.  With the holidays behind us we enter a few months of normal standard visitation weekend and weekday visitations.

The first standard visitation in January for most of you was likely last night, the Thursday visitation (unless you have an old order and it would have been Wednesday).  Thursday possessions should continue this month without interruption.  The first weekend is tonight (as it is measured by the first Friday of the month).  The third weekend will be January 21st and there is not a fifth weekend this month.

For some of your children, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be a holiday, but since it falls on an off weekend for visitation it should not be an issue.

Pretty plain month in terms of visitation.  Until next month…

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  1. Denise January 18, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    Hi Chris,

    Can a CP use the excuse that she will get fired if she requests to have to take off overtime work on a Saturday to drop off her child under 3?

    Some more info.- The CP came up with the provision I guess for the decree to let the NCO only have the child under 3 for 10-2 on saturdays until she is 2 then its from 10-4. But the NCP must visit at least 1 saturday a month six times in a row before the next bday. Agreed and signed the decree. There is also a 6 yr old that is picked up on fridays after 6pm and is kept till sunday at 6pm. The CP just says no I’m not bringing her I’ll just bring her when its conveinent for me, she says. (They live 100 miles apart or more, but it is also written of designated meeting places as well). Can she do that pick and choose when she will meet to drop off the child when its not being agreed upon? I thought if there couldn’t be an agreement on both parties it falls back to Standard Order in decree? The decree states that the NCP shall pick two weekends per month of their choice with 14 days in advance notification. Which is done and actually kept on 1st 3rd and 5th weekends to make things easier.
    A list of dates of when the NCP will be visiting with the girls was given early Decemeber, so that she may notify her employer if advance. The child under 3 stays with the grandparents while she is at work and according to the 6yr old they both stay with the grandparents everyweekend that they arent picked up by their father. Is the NCP doing something wrong here??

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