june and the Texas standard visitation order

It’s June and summer is here.  Following are some dates and other things that you need to be aware of this month for purposes of standard visitation or standard possession order in Texas:

  • If your child is out of school (or if the school district the child would attend is out of school) then your Wednesday (depending on how old your order is) or Thursday visits are over under a Texas standard visitation order.
  • If your child is still in school until Friday then you will get your standard Wednesday or Thursday night visit per standard visitation schedule.
  • Your weekends this month will be the 4th and the 18th unless you otherwise designated your extended summer possession for some time this month.  If you did not designate your time, then your summer visitation will be next month.
  • Remember that the other parent may select a weekend outside your extended summer visitation to have the child if proper notice is given.  If you need further clarification of this, please review this post.

Please review my prior posts for discussions of summer, weekend and Thursday periods of visitation to refresh yourself on the standard visitation rules for Texas.

As always, check your specific possession order as yours may not be standard or there may be subtle modifications.  This post is for a standard visitation order in Texas.

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  1. brad holcomb July 17, 2012 at 1:07 am #

    Is this standard in a possession order in texas A woman can not allow an unrelated person of the opposite sex with whom. The parent is involved in an intimate relationship to remain in the home of the woman with the childern between 10:00 pm. and 8:00am. but she can live with a woman and have a intimate relationship with
    this woman and the judge say this is ok. i dont think this is right this is shara law I think . if she lives with a
    man her ex husband can take the childern from her.

    Also if the exhusband remarries his ex wife she gets to be with the childern. This give the exhusband control
    of the ex wifes live. this is in a standard possession order in tyler tx aand her attorney would not remove it.


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