october and standard visitation in Texas

I was a little slow this month in getting the monthly standard visitation update done.  Hopefully everyone knew that their first weekend of the month was last weekend.  This is a pretty standard month for weekend and Thursday visits with the exception of a few items:

  • There is a fifth weekend this month and it begins on the 29th of October.  That is also the weekend of:
  • Halloween – Obviously halloween falls on the visiting parent’s weekend.  Be careful to check your order to see if there are specific possession times for this event.  While it is not common to put halloween in a standard visitation order, it is sometimes done so check your order.  If the parent with custody would like to have the child for a bit, be a good goblin and allow a few hours for some trick or treating.  That is DOUBLE CANDY  for the kids!  Won’t they be excited.
  • The other issue is Fair Day for those of you in the Dallas area.  Many schools will let the kids out for a Fair Day.  If that is on a Friday or a Monday, check your order well because a standard visitation order has a provision for extended weekends when Friday or Monday are a holiday for the kids.  If it is a Friday holiday your visitation will begin at the normal time it would on Friday, but on Thursday instead.  If it is a Monday holiday then your visitation will end on Tuesday at the time it normally would have ended on Monday.

Other than that, everyone should have standard Thursdays (or Wednesdays depending on how old your order is) this month and the weekends of the 1st, 15th, and 29th.

Happy Halloween and be safe out there with the kids.   Next month we will learn all about Thanksgiving visitation.  Fun!

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3 Responses to october and standard visitation in Texas

  1. janet October 12, 2010 at 7:41 am #

    I just had my own visitation battle last year; however, Halloween wasn’t an issue as his father is away for business that time every year.
    Sadly, a friend of mine is going through her daughter being denied trick or treating because the father has visitation then. He has hired a babysitter to watch their 5 year old so he can go to a Halloween party.
    He won’t allow the mother to pick her up for a couple of hours or let the babysitter take her out.
    The custody is still being played out in court. Could the mother file an emergency hearing or anything that would put a request before the judge that their child be allowed to celebrate Halloween with her friends? Even if not w/the mother. The mother simply does not want her child singled out & denied the fun of her other will be having.

  2. Chris Schmiedeke October 12, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    I think that is exactly what the mother will have to do. Until further court order, the father can determine what the child does during his time. I think the court would be receptive to something like that. My prediction however is that the father will have a sudden change in plans. I suggest the mother tries to work it out with the father before seeking any court action. If there are attorneys on the case, it needs to go through them. Good luck.

  3. Brian W. November 29, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    Nice read. Thanks for posting

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