Unless a father signs the birth certificate in the hospital, he is not legally established as the father and as such does not have set rights or obligations toward the child. A paternity action is a means to establish the parent child relationship as well as set forth rights and responsibilities of the parents.  I represent mothers and fathers on both sides of these actions in Plano Dallas and Frisco, Texas as well as surrounding counties.

Fathers’ Rights

I actively assert fathers’ rights in paternity actions. By doing so, I enable my clients to request visitation rights,  establish custody, modify child custody, or contest stepparent adoptions (adoptions terminate the parental rights of the biological parent).

Impact on Child Support Rights and Obligations

A parent cannot be ordered to pay child support unless they have been legally established as the parent. Therefore, if a mother is requesting support, she must go through the process of a lawsuit to prove the individual is the father and responsible for supporting the child. Likewise, if the individual believes he is not the father, a paternity action enables him to prove through DNA testing that he is not the father and thus not responsible for child support.

How Establishing Paternity Benefits the Child

Every child should have ample opportunity to build a strong relationship with both a mother and a father. By doing so the father may request visitation rights through the court. As a result, father and child can spend quality time together and develop a lasting bond. In addition, once paternity is established, the child is granted rights to inheritance and may receive health care benefits under the father’s insurance coverage.

Experienced Help

Whether you have been requested to take a paternity test, wish to receive visitation rights, or would like to establish child support obligations, I can help you understand your rights and offer skilled guidance. Contact me to schedule a consultation.  I handle cases in Dallas Plano, Frisco, Denton and surrounding areas.

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