Post-Divorce Modifications

Helping Texas Families with Post Divorce Modifications

When a divorce decree is ordered or an agreement is entered into the record, it is almost never the family’s final encounter with family courts. Situations change and court orders or agreements must be revisited to reflect those changes. At the Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke, PC, we help clients in ensuring that previous orders or agreements reflect your current situations. Contact our family law office for help with post divorce modification matters in Dallas, Frisco, Carrollton, or surrounding areas.

We handle all types of post divorce modifications, including:

  • Child support modifications: We assist clients with child support modifications when there is a significant change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job (and loss of income), a promotion (and pay increase), new athletic or daycare expenses, or other changes.
  • Child custody modifications: We present compelling arguments to show changes in circumstances for custody modification cases. Modifications may be necessary when visitation is not enforced, a parent moves away, or other changes occur.
  • Other post divorce modifications: We represent clients in all other post divorce modifications, such as petitions to change the divorce decree or property settlement agreement, alimony award, or other adjustments.

Other Post Decree Matters

Our firm understands the many family law issues that your family may encounter following the final divorce decree. We offer skilled guidance in post decree issues, such as:

  • Enforcement and contempt: If a parent refuses to pay court ordered child support, we can assist in pursuing an action for contempt. A contempt judgment can result in driver’s license suspension, professional license suspension, wage garnishment, and other penalties. We pursue and defend clients facing contempt allegations involving child support, visitation, property settlement agreements, and other court orders or agreements.
  • Relocation issues: If you need to relocate to another state for employment and wish to take your child with you, you must request authorization from the court. If permission is not first obtained, you may be facing parental kidnapping charges. We help clients petition or contest parental relocation.

If your family court orders or agreements require changes, or you would like to contest a change, contact our family lawyer at our Addison law firm.

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