Uncontested Divorce

Online Uncontested Divorce in Texas

Some people who are entering into the divorce process are in agreement on all the issues in their divorce.  This is called an uncontested or agreed divorce.

In this case, they may choose to complete and file the documents on their own, over the Internet, or use a flat fee arrangement.

I now offer both online divorce forms enabling you to file for divorce in Texas on your own, or flat fee arrangements for clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The online Texas divorce forms come with all the assistance you will need for a small flat rate fee beginning at $299.   The package comes with everything you need to get divorced and help from an attorney when you get stuck.  For more information or to get started contact me.

The Texas divorce forms are completed for you, correctly and in a form that the Courts understand with complete instructions on how to file and represent yourself.

These forms work anywhere in Texas and are not just some fill in the blank documents.

How E-Divorce Works

Online divorces can be completed through the Internet – thus you avoid the inconvenience of traveling to an attorney’s office.  I provide access to all the Texas divorce forms that you will need to complete your divorce.  The documents are completed online and then submitted to me for review.  Once I review and assure the documents are correct, I forward them to you with all the necessary instructions to complete your own divorce without the high costs of attorney fees.  My divorce forms package also enables you to communicate with me confidentially via the Internet. Our online divorce services include:

  • Assistance completing and reviewing the Texas online divorce forms
  • Help with the forms
  • Help regarding how to represent yourself in court

Benefits of our Texas Online Divorce Services

Many sites may enable you to purchase the necessary forms for a no-fault or uncontested divorce. However, completing and filing these forms without any type of help can create considerable risk and costly hassles later to correct any problems that may surface. Because I offer the services of a full-service lawyer, our online divorce clients are able to complete the process with the assurance that if problems later develop, they can contact me for assistance in solving the problem, answering questions or representing them if necessary.

By completing an online divorce, you are able to keep your legal fees low. I now offer online divorce documents for a no-fault divorce, together with a marital separation agreement, with advice included for $399.00. Click here to contact me and obtain access to these forms.  Again, these forms are good anywhere in Texas.

Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce in Texas

If you are not comfortable representing yourself in Court, or do not have the time to do all the leg work for your uncontested divorce, then you can hire me for a flat fee to represent you if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Prices start at $500 for flat fee divorces and I will handle the creation and filing of your paperwork and accompany you to Court to finalize your case.  It is as simple as a few emails and a short court appearance.

If you are interested, or need more information about my flat fee divorce for Dallas, Collin, Denton and Tarrant counties, contact me now.

If Your Online Divorce or Flat Fee Divorce Does Not Succeed…

If your online Texas divorce is unsuccessful or divorce litigation is necessary, you can have confidence knowing that I offer experienced legal representation. I am a licensed Texas family law attorney in the Dallas area.

If you would like to discuss your Texas online divorce papers or a flat fee representation with an experienced family law attorney, please contact me.

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